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SOP Established Office In South America

SOP International Holdings, LTD speeds up internationalization plans and branches out to the Latin America market.

Tania Tang (Ms Xiaorong Tang), General Manager of SOP, is leading to the development of the company’s expanding on international business, and her strategic focus for 2017 was set on Latin America.  

Tania believes that the best way to learn about local market and explore opportunities is to be there and talking and experiencing with them. In an effort to understand the Latin American market and its potentials—such as market need, product quality requirements, as well as local culture in cellphones,  Tania led a team and launched a business trip to Miami, Florida, in US (often called ‘the capital of Latin America’).

The beginning of a strategic partnership

Tania traveled to Miami in May, in which it is believed as the best season for sowing seeds. In Miami, she carried out a systematic investigation on mobile phone market and visited several key distributors, clients and manufactures. During the trip Tania interviewed and held several meeting with JR Renteria, a pioneer in the marketing and wholesale of digital consumer electronics products to Latin America and the Caribbean. JR/Mr Renteria has a wealth of experience to share, a deep understanding of the Latin American culture, and extensive knowledge of the region’s digital electronics market. Finally, a collaboration was developed.

A whole new world for SOP

JR/Mr Renteria and SOP have signed a strategic partnership agreement, whereby he will provide SOP with key consulting and information on market requirements, local branding and marketing modalities, identification of and localization for specific markets, and support to a series of practical, feasible, mobile phone marketing and sales plans that SOP will develop in South America.

This partnership opens up a whole new world to SOP, and we are confident that it will contribute greatly to position the SOP in Latin America. This development starts a journey of SOP to international mobile market and lead SOP to a higher level.

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