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2015 SOP (Holdings) Group “8S” Award ceremony was successfully held

            Shenzhen cyber yuhua electronics technology group is a professional engaged in mobile communication terminal product development design, production and sales, service as one of the import and export trade of high-tech enterprises. Companies adhering to the "quality achievements brand brand to create value" business philosophy, after years of market experience, gradually establish the visibility and a good brand reputation of the industry today. 

The award ceremony was held at Xinghua Bao and Shiji Weiye factories, separately. Leaders from the groups and manufacturers expressed sincere gratitude and greetings to the people who are working on the production line, acknowledged their work performance.

Exchange between Chairman Mr. Hongxiang Jin and “front soldiers”

Group Chairman Mr. Hongxiang Jin stated in his speech, SOP people, those who are still working on the production line, are the most respectable and lovely employees. Xinghua Bao and Shiji Weiye are SOP Group’s product center, we believe product, quality and service are the core of the brand. Our product lines continuously deliver technology products with good quality and good quantity, the results of your hard work make our products become popular, not only in the market in China, but also expanded to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia ...Due to the quality and service provided by the production and management, therefore our brand value continues to be extended. When our industry is in front of market challenge, our collaborators and competitors experienced collapse or bankruptcy one after another, we are still able to overcome the difficult time, as a result, the workers in the production line continued to work and being confident in difficult time. We also have the support from colleagues, government and our loyal clients, especially last month we achieved the rank of fourteen brand rankings in our industry. These are all because of workers from production line’s hard working.

Group Leader Ms. Sheng Baohua presented award to No. 1 sales department 

The excellent performance can be seen in the 8S evaluation activities. We realized details are the key for success, it is not surprising that such a strong product center received this gratifying result. No.1 sales department, Xinghua Bao and Shiji Weiye factories swept the top three results, which showed the results of excellent management and maintenance. A representative from management group presented banner and certificate to the winner of the first prize, at the same time awarded a 2,000 RMB prize.

After the evaluation activities, the winning teams confirmed their determinations of using 8S activities in the future, and those temporarily ranked-behind team decided to catch up with strong determinations, looking forward to be the winner of the next competition. The 8S evaluation activities not only successfully achieved the purpose of rectification, but also played positive effect on encouraging employees. We will continue to enhance our brand image and brand value, and meanwhile we continue to grow with new blood in the framework of the system, the group employees have also been greatly encouraged and well prepared.

We will also work tirelessly to improve the quality management and be prepared to the challenge. Stick to our beliefs, continuously provide best quality and service to our clients, develop our company with future!

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