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SOP International Department General Manager Tania Went to USA CES 

SOP International Department General Manager Tania Went to USA CES 

      CES (International Consumer Electronics Show)has almost hundred years of history, which is the largest consumer electronics exhibition in the world and held by CEA (American Consumer Electronics Association ) in January every year. CEA, the famous Industry association, has promoted the development of the consumer electronics industry by making the technology policies, organizing large-scale exhibition, doing market research and establishing a strategic relationship. CEA is made up of more than 2000 member companies and its annual turnover is more than $1650 billion for members are doing business in audio, video, mobile, electronic communication, information technology, multimedia production and various components designing, developing

manufacturing, selling and serving.

Point 1:Real-time show of high-technology information

          CES is famous for its profession and efficient trade, has gathered the excellent traditional electron companies and core IT companies which has brought the most advanced technology ideas and products and attracted a lot of High-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and visitors.

        As the communication product, mobile has developed very fast. In order to meet the market demand, it’s necessary to investigate the communication industry in advance. If we want our mobile to meet the market demands, firstly need to go out to know about the customers’ requirements. In order to clearly define about our future products and stand in the right place, Tania, as the decision maker of SOP international department, has gone to CES, investigated the market technology and experienced the CES brainstorming.

        Tania have written down main points of related industry technology, and shared with domestic team instantly, which let the team had the profound understanding of market trend directly.

         Any discussion of new technology idea may become the product next year. Amazon Alexa (artificial speech aides) and Ford’s on-board system is the perfect combination (SYNC 3 infotainment ), which has link car and family in a perfect way. Last year, it’s only one concept but now a trying product. Tania has carefully studied the concept of the exhibition and passed her idea to the team from the mutual collision of technology ,which has made the great sense.

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